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Invowin-Invotech Compressor Selection Software Instruction
Invowin Software Introduction
Invowin selection software is based on .net development, which is intelligent selection software for Invotech customers to quickly select models according to design conditions. It selects the best Invotech scroll compressor for your system application in a quick and easy way.
Invowin Installation Instructions
Invowin selection software is available for all versions of Windows. There are two languages, Chinese and English. The measurement unit can also choose metric or imperial system according to the needs.
Before downloading the Invowin selection software, please make sure that your computer has pre-installed Adobe Reader software; otherwise the Invowin selection software will not be able to install.
Invowin User Instructions
1. After downloading and installing the Invowin selection software, you only need to enter one or more of the following customization requirements in the interface options:
User input:
Refrigerant / Power System / Application Type / Customer Input Variables (evaporating temperature / condensing temperature / return air overheat degree / effective return overheat degree/ under cooling degree)
Invowin system output:
Cooling capacity, input power, operating current, mass flow.

2. The user can also select the Invotech compressor model, and the Invowin software will directly output the relevant parameters of the compressor.
3. The user can also directly input the working condition and cooling capacity requirements. Invowin software will output the recommended compressor model and choose to output the model drawing.
4. The software calculation must be within the operating range allowed by the selected compressor; software will indicate an overrun warning if outside the operating range.
5. The user can freely switch between Chinese and English language, metric and imperial system during use.
Invowin Disclaimer
The Invowin compressor selection software provides a reference for customers to design compressors for refrigeration or heat pump systems. The calculation results and information are irreplaceable for the technical testing and verification work necessary for system design. These information and calculation results cannot be regarded as very accurate data, or the manufacturer promises. The user will be responsible for any risks arising therefrom. Within the scope not prohibited by laws and regulations, Invotech shall not be liable under any circumstances for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising out of the use of Invowin software.