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Technical Difficulties in Scroll Compressors for High Temperature Drying and Invotech Solutions!

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With the advancement of industrialization, high-temperature heat pumps are increasingly used in: tobacco drying, food drying, electroplating, pasteurization, slaughtering, glass cleaning, printing and dyeing industries.
Current technical difficulties:
In the field of high-temperature heat pump applications, as the discharge water and air temperature increases, the condensing temperature will also increase significantly. The operating pressure ratio of the entire compressor and heat pump unit will be very high. In the case of high compression ratio, it brings big challenge such as the load of the scroll unit and carbonization of the lubricant caused by the high discharge temperature. The control of discharge temperature is also a technical difficulty in the development of high-temperature heat pump compressors.

Invotech Solutions:
In order to meet the application needs of the heat pump market and solve the existing technical difficulties, Invotech has specially developed a scroll compressor for high-temperature heat pump (YW**J series). The newly developed scroll compressor will obviously expand the applications range of evaporation temperature, and also increases the limit of condensing temperature, which extends the application of high-temperature heat pumps.
• Specific design for heat pump water heater, not only the scroll set but also the unit, precise product-definition based on customer's need
• Both build-in radius and axial compliance design, improved floating seal design for better energy efficiency
• Excellent discharge temperature management to stretch operation envelope
• Accurate calculation of load and sealing force for running sound optimization
• High efficiency motor design


Let's take tobacco drying as an example to introduce the application of Invotech YW**J series scroll compressor in flue-cured tobacco industry.

Since 2013, Invotech YW**J series scroll compressors have been successfully applied in Hunan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Henan and other places, with more than 10,000 tobacco curing barns.

The temperature of the curing barn is required to rise strictly according to the baking curve, up to about 68 °C.

For the tobacco drying process, temperature and humidity precision control, energy efficiency level, extreme weather adaptability and durability are the key technical indicators that determine the appearance of the finished product.

Using air source heat pump to dry tobacco has the advantages of high control precision, good finished apprearance, environmental protection and response to national clean energy policies, and high flexibility.

According to different planting areas and types of tobacco leaves, drying generally begins at the end of May and ends at the beginning of November at the latest. The peak time is in summer, when the ambient temperature is the highest.

Invotech high-temperature heat pump scroll compressor, using R134a refrigerant, the maximum condensing temperature can reach 85 °C, so even in the dry gluten stage, which requires maximum temperature range of the curing barn, Invotech compressor still can provide enough margin for the condensing temperature; at the same time, the maximum evaporation temperature can reach 25 ° C. The high evaporation temperature means that more heat can be extracted from the environment and the energy efficiency will be higher.

Even in extreme heat conditions, Invotech high-temperature heat pump scroll compressor can still work efficiently, safely and reliably without the situation of motor overloading or overheating.

If used for four seasons of drying or high temperature hot water in the north part of China, the Invotech YW series scroll compressor with EVI is recommended. The operating range can be extended to -30 °C, the maximum heat can be increased by 30%, the COP is increased by 25%, and the low evaporation condition is good.

The heat pump tobacco drying is fully automatic controlled. During the process, no manual interference is required, which can greatly reduce the labor cost. Compared with the manual control, the temperature and humidity control are more accurate, and the quality is also higher.

Combined with high-efficiency Invotech high-temperature scroll compressor and precision control, the average energy efficiency can reach 4.3. According to calculations, comparing with the traditional coal-fired baking, about 600 CNY/mu can be saved, which brings the farmers a considerable economic benefit.

The heat pump drying process does not produce any exhaust gas and smoke, which has made a great contribution to the environmental protection of tobacco growing areas!